Our History

A desire to be close to the land coupled with a decision to homeschool our children brought us to a small 17 acre homestead in Fauquier County VA in the 1990's. As we raised our children our homestead became a farm where we grew our own organic vegetables and raised chickens and horses.


Our children studied the art of horseshoeing in Snohomish, Washington.  They subsequently came back to the farm and ran a successful farrier business.  In addition our family created a retail hay business that consisted of cutting, baling, storing and delivering hay.


In 2004 we purchased a larger farm in Fluvanna County, Virginia with the intention of building a commercial farming operation.  After 12 years of hard work in growing our cattle and pork herds and our son completing a Sustainable Agriculture Degree we are moving forward with our families dream.

Who We Are

We are a family farm in Central Virginia. Our focus is on using sustainable and regenerative agriculture principals to produce quality pork, beef, and chicken.  We believe in treating our animals with respect and dignity throughout their life.



Our mission is to build a commercially viable farm through selling agricultural products to people who value sustainability and small, local farmers.


- We use no pesticides or commercial fertilizers.

- We use non-GMO feed with no added hormones.

- Our animals enjoy free range grazing with limited consumption of feed.

- We desire to have a long-term relationship with our farm customers.

Our History Who We Are Mission Values